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I really wanted to write a blog about something related to St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, it’s a holiday that just begs to be married with Apple Watch tech, right?!? Exactly! I’m glad we’re on the same page. So I did some research and found out several totally relevant ways to get more of a St. Patrick’s Day experience out of your Apple Watch.


One thing that people can generally agree is associated with St. Patrick’s Day is beer. Guinness, Smithicks, Harp, Lagunitas, Budweiser–whatever. But unfortunately beer is not always purchased from the store at the optimal temperature for enjoyment, which means that in a pinch you need to place your beverage in the freezer for an emergency cool-down. Sometimes you forget that you put your beer in the freezer–and then it explodes.

With the Beer Timer app, that’ll never happen again! Beer Timer knows that each type of beer is best served at an optimal temperature. Simply select your style of beer, the type of vessel (can or bottle), the size of the vessel, place your beer in the freezer, start the timer, and whammy! Make sure to read the fine print in the app notes for the best freezing experience.

Don’t let this happen to your beer!


Are you having some trouble maximizing your Apple Watch’s battery life? Are you also looking to squash you carbon footprint? has some great tips on buckling down and getting the most battery for your watt. To go over some of the prescribed remedies:

  • Use a minimal watch face
  • Turn that screen brightness down
  • Reduce or turn of the haptic feedback
  • Limit notifications
  • Turn off “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise”
  • Reduce the amount of time that your watch screen stays on
  • Kick your fitness tracker into power saving mode
  • Just turn your fitness tracker off

Check out the full article for more info.


With the Green Kitchen healthy vegetarian recipes app. For $4.99 you get a treasure trove of vegetarian recipes right on your wrist. Not only is it a wrist-portable cookbook, it also features a handy timer feature for your Apple Watch so that you never burn your food again! If there’s one unexpected insight to be gleaned from this blog post, it’s that there’s no shortage of timer apps out there for the Apple Watch.


Probably the biggest stretch as far as this article goes, CARROT (you see what I did there?) is a weather app with some spunk. Whereas most apps are content to tell you that it’s sunny outside via a graphic of a sun, CARROT goes the extra mile incorporating color-coded text to tell you “Bask in the glorious warmth of the partly-obscured sun!” That’s what I’m talking about. It should be noted that CARROT does use graphics on the iPhone app, and they’re freaking adorable.

image of carrot app screen shot

So adorable.

So there you have it: four wonderful, totally relevant to St. Patrick’s Day Apple Watch things to help you kick your celebration into overdrive. Don’t say I never did anything for ya.


If you have any other ideas of how best to get the most out of St. Patrick’s Day or even Easter or Labor Day on your Apple Watch of other iOS device, let me know @estebanrules.