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Computer Science is a major offered at many colleges and pays off well for those who dare challenge themselves to take on associated careers.  Learning to program is not only challenging, because computers are so vast in their capabilities in today’s age, but because in order to program, you have to learn whole new languages.  Explore herein to find some of the greatest programming programs online.


Udemy is known for offering eager professionals a wealth of different programs to educate themselves on a continuing basis, pushing their careers beyond the mundane.  When you search for programs on “programming,” you’ll find an extensive list of programs offered on all different types of programming essentials.  Check them out here for more information!

2) Launch Academy

“Launch Academy is a 10-week, immersive bootcamp taking eager learners with little to no coding experience and giving them the tools to add value as a junior contributor to a software engineering team” the company says.  This bootcamp is no joke and isn’t for the faint of heart.  Want to challenge yourself like you never have before? Join for ten weeks and you may just score a homerun for your next career move.

3) The Grace Hopper Program at the Fullstack Academy

As is well known, women do not have the upper hand in the technology industry.  There are significantly less female programmers than their male counterparts.  As the percentages of women rise in tech, so are the programs available to them. I introduce to you the Grace Hopper Program. This program outfits women with extensive knowledge in Full-Stack JavaScript and beyond. What’s more, the company shares, is this:

“The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is an immersive software engineering course for women where you only pay tuition once you secure a job.”

Has this piqued your interest? View their curriculum here.

4) The CTO Program at the Fullstack Academy

Very much like the Grace Hopper Program is Fullstack Academy’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Program.

“At Fullstack Academy, we’re focused on making you into more than a great coder. We’re focused on making you into a great builder. We’ve started and sold companies, built technology teams and scaled up tech businesses. Building software is about more than code. Our CTO Program goes beyond programming and gets you ready to become a leader in the exciting and in-demand software development industry.”

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